bigorringo audio

Bilbo (Bizkaia)
Tel. 94 473 41 41


Perroteproduceis a producing and recording music studio specialiced in rock. Since it's creation ten years ago we have recorded a lot of bands. Like in the old studios we have our own band for recordings and live shows.

Maha covers

  • "Momentsmokers" Batiscafo (Fak records)
  • "Broken Snails" Broken Snails
  • "Panik Piknik" Los Paniks (Bi Batean Diskak)
  • "El dinero" Maha (Bi Batean Diskak)

Two of our recordings have reach the top ten in the Basque Cowntry (Mondosonoro)

Bigorringo playing live

Perroteproduce has composed, produced and played music for dance/theatre. Its remarkable their colaboration in the play "Absurdo" written by the coreographer Iker Gomez and the most recent "Apple Love". Both works have been shown at European theatres.