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Mamba Beat
Acid Jazz

Energía album cover

Mamba Beat was born in Bilbao 2006. The city demanded a new acid-jazz standard that motivated people to dance with strong rhythms. In order to quench this thirst, Mamba Beat released a venomous and wild updated formula, baptized as House-funk, acid-jazz's energetic little brother: Electronica of a new conception, basses and kicks that capture, frenetic funky rhythms, ethnic travels through worldbeat, touches of jazz and latin, red-hot brass, broken vocals... all to the ritual service on the dance floor.

In 2007 came the arrival of their first offering to dance with the album edited by Gaztelupeko Hotsak. Evaluation - very positive and surprised over more than 30 hot concerts in halls and festivals in Euskadi and other points of state geography and France.

At the end of 2008, they confined themselves to their local and the studio, and in 2009, came out with their second release: Energía, with the label Baga-biga. Cultivating jump in sound with more direct and communicating songs. Result: Energetic bomb with an excellent reception by media and in their spectacular presentation in the Kafe Antzokia of Bilbao. Since then, they have begun a long list of concerts.