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Music from the Kitchen

Date: 0000-00-00
Customer: Fresh
Music from the Kitchen album cover

Fresh began in Santander in 1999. Its creators, Cesar de la Sierra and Goyo Rodriguez, had a clear goal in mind: making electronic music. With few means and a lot of enthusiasm, they put their project in gear, gave the first two concerts where electronic music, house, techno, rock, pop, freestyle, acid mex, etc. were their influences. In this period (Summer 2000), the joined the band Jaime Cutrin.

Their began to take on a personal hallmark, they worked with rhythmic snares, sequenced basses, club and dance music... definitely guaranteed fun. The group's first demo was recorded at home on computer in Spring 2001. That summer, the group never stopped playing and in 2002, they worked to improve their sound and songs. Fernando Calderón joined the band in Summer 2002, completing their current formation