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El mensaje

Date: 2003-00-00
Customer: Jashta
El Mensaje album cover

Reggae band, operational since 1996 and based in Zaragoza, JahSta is currently considered as one of the best reggae bands in the Spanish state.

With two discographic words edited and numerous shows and festivals, their current musical proposal is based on two singers, one from Switzerland with a style leaning more towards reggae and Karty, who has a style that is more based on ragga, in the standard grouping of guitar, bass, drums and keys along with a highlighted wind section, combining for an awesome live show where they mix social demands and a festive spirit.

Their second CD, "El Mensaje", recorded in 2003 in Loud ´n Lone studios, the best reggae producers in Spain, is an excellent example of the current state of JahSta.