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Bilbo (Bizkaia)
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Euridia began his footsteps in 1997, with the help of Ibon Larruzea as a project that combines engineering and art in the world of music production. This producer's career can not be understood if we analyze both sides of its business.

Founding member of the Reggae-ska band Bizkaia "Akatz" worked closely with bands such as Reggae Ambassadors, Vibes all Loud and Lone Stars or until finished his engineering degree in 2001 and opened his current studio in Bilbao in 2004, she has produced or mastered more than eighty albums to date.

At the end of 2004 for two years moved to a town in northern Italy, Bergamo, where he composed most of his first album "Reggae lovers" edited by silver bullets of Brixton records, and in this his second work, published records FAK hand, under the title "Reggae Souldom."

In this paper, the author has not only worked in the artistic-musical, but has concentrated all his knowledge of engineering to get a warm sound, analog and very pleasant to listen, something very difficult to find in today's publications These days, sit on the sidelines of the so-called "War of the volume," the "digital Superacute" philosophy and fast and digital production that floods the market today.

"Souldom Reggae" is a single disc to listen, with a light touch Bailon, thanks to its dye Soul, Funk and Disco, which basically could be categorized as Roots Reggae. So, combine vocal melodies that invite you to sing rhythm and solid foundations that make as you're dancing you're not careful. A record that the same is to listen to a couple of steps to the rhythm of their enveloping bass lines, while you catch the sound of one of the most unique voices, with records mostly sharp, combining pleasing falsetto harmonies accompanied by Soul .