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It arises from the idea of providing quality music at reasonable prices through duty-free licenses primarily visual.

All compositions are original offered and purchase together licensed and give the user the ability to sync music purchased from the desired project (general info). BIGORRINGO team is available to users with any questions that may arise relating to the operation of our website.

Downloaded works in our shop will be obtained in MP3 320 kbps / Stereo format once the purchase process.

    For security reasons all issues on the web listen fitted with a watermark and its quality is inferior to the quality of downloaded files.


    What is the music library?
    Original music specially composed for professional use, synchronization rights granted at a price cheaper rate, than those applied in the case of pre-existing music and music on demand, and designed to cover all fields of audiovisual production and communication in general, especially in the areas of film, radio, television and commercials.
    What do you get when purchasing a song of BIGORRINGO?
    The ability to sync music library on a non-exclusive. Bigorringo not sell songs, but gives the synchronization rights under the license selected unlimited time and unlimited number of times free of any payments to third parties.
    Who can be held responsible for the use of a piece without a license?
    Any party involved in an audiovisual production, can be held liable subsidiary, the use of any part of our catalog without the grant of a license for use. Thus, legal action may be brought not only against those who have used music without permission, but also against for example, the agency, the production, study, or the end customer.
    What is the timing right?
    It is the law that allows the inclusion or timing of any piece of music from our catalog, the master of an audiovisual production.
    Can I use a piece with his license in two different projects?
    No. The use licenses are granted for a single project. Therefore, the use of the same piece of music in different projects necessarily lead to the granting of different licenses, one for each project.
    Can I edit themes?
    Yes Themes can be edited by users seamlessly to meet your needs of time. In case you need to edit the theme to suit your project and can not do it for lack resources or just ignorance, please contact and are happy to help.
    Can I record a theme to my name if it is edited by me?
    No. The purchase of a license to use, whether Basic, Pro or Deluxe, only grants rights of use for synchronization and operation always linked to that work, but the copyright belongs to the composers covered under the registration intellectual property. Therefore only offer licenses rights to use and never moral authorship of the work since all the compositions belonging to the original author.
    Is the site secure?
    Bigorringo not store any data on bank accounts, or data from their credit cards on this website. All payments are made through the payment gateway "BBK", which holds its secure servers with the highest and most modern security measures.The only data stored are their personal data required for business transactions, which are stored in a file automatically generated and maintained properly registered with the Spanish Agency for Protection of data under Article 5 of Data Protection Act. You may at any time exercise their rights of access, opposition, rectification and cancellation in the Law 15/99 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data (Data Protection Act).
    How do I recieve the bill?
    If you have requested an invoice request at the time of purchase it will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user.
    What the hell does bigorringo mean?
    2 egg yolks. A name that sounds good to us in Euskera. A birth that unites the creation and production.

    Intrinsic volume

    What is it?
    It is the perception of the sound volume that is a.
    How much higher is better?
    The intrinsic volume control is done through the technique of dynamic compression. A further volume compression, but also less difference in volume between the loud parts and soft parts of the same song. So you have to strike a balance between volume and expressiveness.
    What is our philosophy?
    We think that stay near-14dBFs is a good way to achieve that goal. But it can only attempt to provide a reference for all subjects at a level consistent among them, maintain a good expression in the interpretation and a sound level similar to the trade issues.
    Why have we searched for standard?
    For the user does not have to walk up and down the volume on each side. We provide the subjects mastered controlling the volume without losing the expressiveness and power made at the time of its creation.If you need a file in a format other than those offered above should contact us through and within 24 hours on weekdays, will be sent a link where you can download the file.